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AS STUDENTS AT AN IVY LEAGUE INSTITUTION, we’ve come to expect the best in almost all areas of our college life. We have the best professors, the best facilities, and an endowment that rivals the treasuries of third world countries. Of course, we can’t control the weather and our sports teams (hockey excluded) may leave something to be desired, but in general, Cornell holds itself to a standard of nothing less than excellence. There is one area, however, where we lag behind our peers at comprable institutions, and that is in our daily newspaper. The shabby quality of the publication, ITS PAGES FILLED WITH AP AND U-WIRE STORIES and SUPERFICIAL COVERAGE OF IMPORTANT CAMPUS ISSUES, leaves more than a little to be desired. We here at TL wish that The Sun would pull itself up to the same standard of excellence that we see elsewhere across the Cornell campus, but as long as the it continues on its current course, here are...

The Top 10 Reasons We'd Rather Use the Sun for Toilet Paper

Created January 15, 2008 by Andrew Garib and Wayne Huang | Last updated February 15, 2008