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Turn Left: A Progressive Legacy

Welcome to the archives of Turn Left, an independent progressive student publication at Cornell University from 2000 to 2007. This website is dedicated to keeping the memory of the hard work, dedication and social conscience of Turn Left's talented staff of writers, reporters, artists, and managers over the years.

This site includes a repository of all TL issues dating back to 2000, available in Adobe's portable document format (PDF). Also available are key articles, great pieces of journalism that shaped campus dialog and helped bring about a more democratic, socially conscious and progressive campus and country. Finally, there are key documents in Turn Left's history, including its constitution, training documents, editing guidelines, internal memos, and strategic plans.

What’s In Store

The key articles of Volume VI, Issue II, perhaps Turn Left's proudest accomplishment, are coming soon. The issue includes the best coverage of the Hurricane Katrina disaster and Big Red's contribution to the relief efforts on campus. It also contains one heckuva Top 10. Check back soon...

Featured Issue

‘Revisionism’?: Volume VI, Issue IV, December 1, 2005; Samuel Alito's Supreme Court Appointment; Student Assembly Corruption | PDF

Key Articles

Editorial: Corruption Remains Endemic in Cornell Student Assembly

With one meeting left this semester, the Student Assembly has failed to repair its wounded image following last Spring's elections disaster and has continued, under the questionable presidency of Tim Lim '06, to promote the agendas of the Cornell community. Fueled by corruption and motivated by power, the Executive Board acts as a grand puppet master, pulling the strings of its underlings in order to enact its agenda--which so far boasts the manipulation of the Freshmen Elections, the biased implementation of the by-line funding process that sets the Student Activities Fee, and a fraudulent plan to host a week-long series of events to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Continued...

From The Editor's Desk: When Attacking the Patriotism of Others is Your Only Exit Strategy

By Wayne Y. Huang, Editor-In-Chief

It is heartening to see that increasingly, the American public is demanding accountability and a re-evaluation of our strategy in Iraq. In towns across the country and in the chambers of Congress, there has been an advancement of dialogue and civil debate, where one’s initial position on the war no longer matters, replaced instead by genuine convictionand concern for the wellbeing of our troops and our national security.

It is unfortunate then, that at a time when the national divide has begun to heal, members and defenders of the Bush administration’s policies continue to resort to the politics of divisiveness, pulling out one of the oldest and nastiest tricks in the bag to wrench the divide back open again. Continued...

Southland Part III: Waffle House, Dollywood and the Confederacy

By Louis Wasser, Executive Managing Editor

When I last left you, I was leaving New Orleans, headed for the great state of Georgia to get some free food from a family member of one of my companions. Sad to leave, but getting anxious to return home, we embarked on the final leg of our journey.

In an attempt to actually see the great states of Alabama and Mississippi, we made sure to pull off Eisenhower’s baby at least a couple of times. Near Eastabuchie, Mississippi we got off the interstate looking to hook up with Highway 11, a small, more rural road, to find a place to eat lunch that wasn’t a highway service area and to see some of our great nation’s heartland. Needless to say, my companions and I got lost and we ended up in the backroads of Mississippi, replete with Confederate flags. Continued...

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